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These are authentic, professional studio scripts, fully formatted with camera angles, blocking/stage direction and interpretation.


They also include “Director’s Notes,” which offer assistance to the actor and actress, acting teacher, acting coach, theatre teacher, drama teacher, English teacher, Debate teacher, sales people and/or anyone desiring to improve his/her communicative techniques.

Appear in Television Commercials

Want to be in a commercial? If your answer is yes, you are in luck! Click below for more information.


Sample Script Package Only $9.99!

Sample Script Package. Various scripts for one and two actors. Click below for more information and to download the Sample Script Package.


An A-Z Guide of Industry terminology to help you navigate the ins-and-outs of acting on screen or on stage.


  • Do you have an upcoming audition and you are tired of using the same old scripts?
  • Sick of the hassle of monologue books and trying to locate quality audition pieces?
  • Need short commercial and TV scripts to practice with?

Look no further!

Our professional scripts have taken the guess work out of audition pieces for you. These are tried and true professional scripts that are great to use for practicing or at your next audition. Once you purchase a script package you can print off the scripts as many times as you need them, no extra fees or membership required.

*** Attention Teachers ***

These scripts are a great tool to use with your students, not to mention they are cheaper than textbooks. Check out our Teachers page to learn more about using these scripts in your classroom.

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