It is a well known Educational Fact that we learn best through INVOLVEMENT! Educator and Script Writer Joseph Giampapa, M.A. Has combined his Advanced Degrees in Speech, Theatre and Sociology to create short inter-active skits, scenes, and sketches to utilize the Body-Mind connection (Psycho-Soma) affording students the ability to not only PUT INTO PRACTICE the words and phrases they are learning, but also, through CONTEXTUAL ASSOCIATION learn and retain the information quicker and longer. Most importantly, these scripts are FUN… which makes learning, easier and more enjoyable. Each “Package” contains an assortment of skits, sketches, monologues, and exercises. You decide which ones are be best suited for your class. Since the majority of these are light hearted and often comical in nature, they create an impetus to want to learn, affording your students success in their endeavors.

English Teachers

Often times English teachers are required to teach a “Drama Unit” (especially in schools without a Drama Department). Now you have a viable and excellent “Go To Source”. You now have at your disposal not only complete units, that can be used for a week, a grading period, or even an entire semester, but descriptive guides to help you teach and facilitate the unit. (Even if you never taught Drama before.) Plus, progressive grading charts as the students develop their skill level.


Speech Teachers

Aside from these packages containing a variety of monologues, solo commercials and solo exercises, the various dialogues, and “Gibberish” exercises afford the speech/debate student exceptional opportunities for the development of such things as sharpening “non-verbal skills” ( a KEY aspect in communication comprehension and persuasion. ) Memorization techniques, and enhanced practice in front of a class in fun easy to master scripts, as well as some excellent competition material


E S L Teachers

Are you teaching English as a Second Language? These scripts provide a fun way to learn the ins-and-outs of speaking the English language. It is a well known educational FACT that we learn best through involvement.  Joseph Giampapa has combined his Advanced Degrees in Speech, Theatre, and Sociology to create these short interactive skits, scenes, and sketches that will help your students learn a second language through the Body-Mind (Psycho-Soma) Connection, allowing students not only to learn English but also to put their new education into practice. Through contextual association, the words and phrases they are learning will be retained more quickly and for longer than through typical classroom exercises. Most importantly, they are FUN, making learning and enjoyable experience!