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It is an established fact that in order to write well about something, one must truly “know” the subject matter. Thus it follows, in order to write for actors it is necessary to truly understand the craft. Joseph Giampapa not only writes for actors, but he has also produced, directed and (most importantly) was an actor, both in Europe and the United States. By the time he was thirty, he had written six plays, four of which were presented and produced across the west coast. His powerful acting seminars are not only renowned, but sought after by any serious minded actor developing his craft.


Mr. Giampapa has developed numerous programs for television, which led to the honor of one of his children’s shows being reviewed by White House Staff for a national series to help enhance children’s self-esteem. As well as his work with PPA Studios, Mr. Giampapa is a member of the “Metropolitan Entertainers Association” (London), was a board member of “Comedians International” (Geneva, Switzerland), and was named to the prestigious “Entertainment Industry’s Council Speakers Bureau Roster of Celebrities”. (Among EICSBRC’s Board Members have been Tim Conway, Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Jack Anderson, etc.) Some of Mr. Giampapa’s titles include Author, Screenwriter, Professor, Playwright, Actor, Director, Producer, and award-winning Motivational Speaker.


Mr. Giampapa holds a Master of Arts in Communications, Theatre & Sociology. For more information about his live motivational workshops, video & CD self-esteem seminars, children’s programs and more, please visit www.JosephGiampapa.com.


Joseph Giampapa started out as a “Stand¬ Up Comedian” in the days of Ed Sullivan and Entertainers Unions where you had to prove your skill of craft, working Night Clubs in the Chicago area. When he was sent to Germany by the Army, he entertained troops across Germany and developed “Road Shows” with/for the USO. Upon discharge, Giampapa went to England working clubs throughout England. Upon his return to the states, Giampapa did some brief film work (with Norm Jewison, Beau Bridges) and was shortly thereafter hired to tour the entire mid-¬west with a touring theatre company– three shows a day, five days a week!


Later, Giampapa migrated to Nevada to finish advanced degrees in Theatre, Communication and Sociology. Giampapa both owned a touring Theatre company for children, producing and directing shows for schools from Oregon down to Mexico. Along with intermittent teaching assignments in Drama and Speech, he was asked to give testimony before the Nevada legislature, regarding the need for a state “Film Commission”. Upon the formation of the commission, Giampapa opened a Television/Film training studio, training hundreds of actors for the rapid influx of films and national commercials being shot in Nevada. Appointed as one of the “Founding Members” of Access Television, Mr. Giampapa was elected Chairman of “Sierra Nevada Community Access Television.” Conjunctive with his other roles, Giampapa produced, directed and sometimes hosted various television shows in the greater Reno/Tahoe area.


Contingent with his “Training Duties” at PPA Studio (training actors/models for the industry) he wrote various “scripts” for acting students and professionals to use while developing their craft. These scripts have since been updated for the current time and are now available on this site as resources for acting teachers and students alike!

Meet Debra, on our team as Acting Coach and Mentor!

Debra HullWhen it comes to acting, Debra certainly knows what she is talking about, with extensive work in the Los Angeles and Reno area over the last decade, she not only trained with Renown Coach; Joe Palese (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0657579/?ref_=nv_sr_1), but holds the unique distinction of being authorized to teach his methods, outside of the Los Angeles area.


Her diverse acting talents can been seen in thirteen films, eight television projects, as well as various live stage productions, to include; Directing and Producing.Debra has also worked on various “voice over” projects (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1955343/?ref_=nmmi_mi_nm).


We at ActorsBFF are honored to have Debra with us, as she assists and helps guide  you and every member up the ladder to success.”