“These scripts are ‘Just what the doctor ordered!’  They are not only perfect for the developing acting student, but make it very easy to fit into virtually any curriculum.”
Larry Elliot, Acting/Theatre Teacher

“Excellent, I didn’t know it would affect my life so much…  Everyone should have this experience.” 
Lee Barkley, Professional Actor

“These scripts are the ‘cream of the crop.’ They enrich and expand the learning for the students. They are also a valuable resource for teachers beginning their careers!”
Rhonda LaFountaine, Actress, Drama Teacher
Co-Director of Nevada Opera’s Rockin’ Opera

“There is a lot of variety here. I like the different styles and types of scripts. I could certainly put them into my curriculum or use them as a supplement unit for my beginning or advanced drama classes.”
Sara Bogard, High School Drama Teacher

“Once I know I’m definitely teaching speech/drama next year, I will look at this teacher’s other materials for purchase. He sets things up in a way that there is not monumental prep time involved for the teacher using his materials, and they seem like things the kids will enjoy. “
Laura M.

 “Thank you so much! I liked it a lot!” 
(Name withheld)

“Wonderful resource! Thank you!”
Robert S.